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What is Design ?

Design; according to the Decree-Law No. 554 on the Protection of Industrial Designs, industrial design is defined as follows: “'design' means the entirety of the various features such as lines, color, texture, shape, sound, elasticity, material or other characteristics perceived by the human senses of the appearance of the whole or part of a product or its ornamentation.”


The importance of the design ?

Robert HAYES who is one of the professors of Harvard Business School made an observation 25 years ago that “Fifteen years ago companies competed on price. Today it's quality. Tomorrow it's design”. Today is the day to compete on design. This is why design has become a popular topic of discussion. Individuals and entities that have this awareness place importance on new designs and also put more effort on protecting their designs.

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Protection What are the requirements ?

A design can be protected in the design registration system provided that it is “new” and has an “individual character”. Here, novelty means no identical design has been made available to the public in any part of the world before the date of application and priority of the latter design and individual character means the overall impression a design creates on the informed user is significantly different from the overall impression created on the same user by any design.

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Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards is a system of appraisal of design, organized with the collaboration of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economics, the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM) and the Industrial Designers Society of Turkey (ETMK), within the framework of the TURQUALITY® program, with the aim of rewarding good designs which provide added value and competitive advantage to the goods that they are applied on in the domestic and export markets.

It is a dedicated survey website having been created with the purpose of providing the ability to compare the designs of the contestants with the designs published by the Turkish Patent Institute to in terms of their new and individual characters within the said system of appraisal of design.

After the member login, you can carry out a search according to the title of the Design, the name of the Designer and the Applicant and the Locarno class of the Design and also you can see the design-related developments, innovations and status of your competitors in the sector.

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